Latest news:

Jul 10, 2021:
Our new JBC review on amyloid fibril structure determination by cryo-EM is out! HERE

Jul 10, 2021:
New preprint on bioRxiv: We present fibril structures of alpha-synuclein amplified from the brain of Parkinson and MSA patients: HERE

May 7, 2021:
Congratulations Christine on your excellent PhD defense!!

Sep 25, 2020:
New paper on biosensor engineering is out in Nat Commun, see HERE

Jun 15, 2020:
IAPP fibril paper is out in NSMB: HERE

Feb 12, 2020:
New preprint on bioRxiv: Amyloid fibril structure of islet amyloid polypeptide by cryo-electron microscopy reveals similarities with amyloid beta

Aug 21, 2019:
New publication in Nature Communications on the PI3K-SH3 amyloid fibril structure by Cryo-EM. see here.

Aug 7, 2019:
New DireX Version 0.7.1. Added a turbo mode, which is much faster (but less accurate). Download here.

Sep 10, 2017:
New publication in Science on the Abeta(1-42) fibril structure. see here.

Sep 1, 2017:
We have new job openings for postdocs and PhD students, see here.

Jul 10, 2017:
Congratulations to Michaela, Amudha, and Tatjana on their successful PhD Defenses!

Dec 4, 2015:
Congratulations to Dennis on his successfull PhD Defense!

Nov 22, 2015:
New publications on our protein structure refinement method and CASP11 results.

Feb 3, 2015:
Congratulations to Zhe on his successfull PhD Defense!



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Nat Commun , accepted
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or on bioRxiv:
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See Press Release (english)
and Pressemitteilung (deutsch)
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Nat Commun (2020) 11,4851.
See Press Release (english)
Pressemitteilung (deutsch)
55. O. Fisette, G.F. Schröder, L.V. Schäfer. Atomistic structure and dynamics of the human MHC-I peptide-loading complex
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See Press Release
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See Press Release (english)
und Pressemitteilung (deutsch)
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Download data here:
Density Map (EMD-4727) and PDB Model (PDB ID 6R4R).
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See Science Perspectives article by Popich and Raunser
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